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Agricultural Training Equipments:

Since our foundation, we work in the field of supplying an extensive range of products to satisfy the requirements of laboratories for private and public universities, polytechnics, colleges, schools and training institutions. Currently, we are focus on the Agricultural Training Equipment in order to help Malaysian agriculture sector towards modern farming and mechanization.
As mention by YBhg. Dato' Mohd Hashim Bin Abdullah (Secretary General Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia) during his recent speech, the agriculture sector is one of the key sectors of international trade given its importance in supplying food and raw material to world's population. A country's resourcefulness in developing its agricultural sector is an indication of its ability in providing sufficient food for its population. Developed countries such as United States, Australia as well as the Netherlands have never neglected their agriculture sector. In fact the agriculture sector of these countries have been successfully developed into competitive and profitable business entities.
Malaysia though blessed with fertile soil, abundant rainfall and suitable climate for food production is still a net food importer and has never achieved a food trade balance surplus. Realizing the opportunity and potential for the development of this sector, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry was entrusted with the responsibility to develop the agro food sector into a competitive entity and contribute significantly to national income. Efforts in transforming the sector is indeed a herculean task as it involve not a change from traditional farming methods to advance and modern farming methods but also entails the need for a mindset leap among the community from the old stigma of agricultural being a backward and low skill activity.
In this regards, our team who included many technical experts and academicians from various backgrounds hope to contribute our knowledge and past experience to our next new generation through the hands on training. Hopefully, we can pass through them the skills when we encounter the problems together.
Finally, we will work to the best of ability to produce the largest possible well-trained technical resources to transform the agriculture and agro-based industry into a modern, dynamic and competitive sector. Meanwhie, to position Malaysia as a major world food exporter and develop the agriculture sector as the country's engine of growth. Let's start from today onwards and do it right!



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